Saturday, 18 July 2009


. Children Testing the Exhibit

Grand children are enjoying the exhibit

This is a exhibit with lot of activity and fun .

The assembly is fabricated of stainless steel sections or of aluminium to withstand the corrosion.The soap tray is fabricated out of flexible corrugated pipe covered with fibre glass.The PVC ring is filled with weight for making it to drown in the soap solution.The PVC ring is covered with 2 layers of cotton tape to hold the soap solution. This ring guides on 3 nos of 0.8 mm SS
wire. Operating ring moves up and down along SS tubes with brass guides. The operating ring and the soap ring are connected with movable pulley system with advantage of 2. i.e. one downward movement of the operating ring will move two upward movement of the soap ring.
After trials with different combinations of liquids the one with dish washer soap with glycerine and vegetable oil were finalised.
The entire assembly is mounted on a inclined plywood platform covered with linoleum with a collecting tray at the end. Aluminium removable grating is used for safety against slipping on
wet floor. To overcome the wind blowing out the bubble, clear PVC screens are provided on the 3 sides. Two Lights are provided to illuminate the soap cylinder.


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